U.S. states with legal online poker sites in 2014

Updated In January, 2019 - The shift from ignoring the rising popularity of online poker in the United States of America - by the government - to willingly embracing it has been dramatic. Last year many states public ally shifted their long held stance that online poker was wrong and that it was a tool used to terrorist groups and organized crime. You could say that the dam was broken and that first piece that fell was Nevada. They were the first US state with legal poker online. Since then, many U.S. states have been rushing to pass pro online gambling legislation. In 2014 New Jersey residents can visit the PartyPoker.com website and play poker for real money, something no American has been able to do for 8 years. They can also play poker online at Borgata's web site. Residents of the state of Delaware can log in to one of several state-managed sites and play poker for cash. As the number of states with legal online poker rooms increases so to will the number of poker companies competing for the traffic increase. Another advantage is that the pressure is increasing for legalized poker in all states. I know in my home state of Illinois people are looking at what is happening in NJ and NV and saying "If they can play poker online, why can't I?". Government officials in ever state will be pressured to support pro online gambling bills. Another positive for online poker in the USA is that states in financial trouble will look to the revenues being generated in New Jersey and decide that it would be helpful to allow online poker rooms. The major setback to the way online poker is being legalized in the United States is that it is being done one state at a time and that the states are fencing their markets. Only residents of New Jersey can play at the Borgata and Party Poker. It is the same in Nevada with Ultimate Poker. It would be much better if the U.S. states with legal poker created a coalition so that people in NJ can play at Ultimate Poker and Nevada residents can play at Party Poker. The ways things are now is bad for the industry. The markets are too small. Not enough money is being made. Once a big state like California legalizes and regulates online poker it will be different but what we need is for a state to allow existing online poker rooms like Pokerstars, Bovada Poker, 888 Poker to compete and then allow any American to signup and play there. Millions of people already play for real money at places like Bovada Poker, Betonline and ACR. A state could make a deal with these rooms and allow them to legally operate within their borders. The only risk would be the federal government seizing bank accounts and servers but if the proper lobbying power was applied this could be reduced. Here is a list of the most popular poker sites for USA citizens in 2014. These gambling sites accept players from all 50 states in the USA.

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list of states with legal online poker site in 2014 - which USA states have regulated online gambling?

I have added a list of USA states with legal online poker sites. These American states have licensed online gambling companies that are operational in 2014. As we head for 2015 this list will grow and grow and the pressure for federal online gambling regulation will grow.

States with legal Internet poker:

States expected to legalize online poker and casino gambling in 2014:

The above list of states likely to open up to online poker and casino gambling in 2014 is not complete. The three states listed are game changers though. Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans live in one of those 3 states? Up until now only smallish states have regulated online gambling. This is why there really hasn't been a big impact on the online poker market in the US. 95% of Americans in the states with online poker rooms are still playing on the black market. There isn't really anything dangerous or illegal for a person living in New Jersey to play poker at Bovada. Bovada is older and larger than many of the big European gambling companies. Your money is safer at Bovada than it is at Ultimate Poker. They also have the highest traffic out of all of the USA friendly poker rooms. Right now there are thousands people at Bovada's real money poker tables and every single one of them is from the USA. This is because Bodog created bovada exclusively for their American customers. Betonline is another strong US poker room. Both of these USA gambling companies also offer sports betting, casino gambling, horse betting and mobile gambling. Betonline even has a live dealer casino and a skill game room.

USA states with legal online casinos - states with legal online casino gambling

The main push has been for legal Internet poker but casino gambling has also be legalized in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. These US online casinos in 2014 are fine but they cannot compete with the big online casinos that have accepted players from the USA for years. Use the links below to claim $25 free at a US bingo site / casino hybrid or up to $5,000 in bonus money at a leading U.S. casino in 2014.

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